Why Buy from a NASA

Members of the North American Steel Alliance are selected from independently operated service centers with outstanding reputations and sound financials. As customer-driven organizations, our members have survived and prospered in a very competitive market and through every business cycle. Because of the connections established and fostered within the co-op, members realize the strength of independence, the benefit of aggregation, the insight from shared best practices, and the power of a national identity. As a result, when buying from a NASA member, you are working with a company that:

  • Has access to steel at a very competitive price. As a member of NASA, each company, in essence, has the buying strength of a $9 billion company.
  • Is independently operated, with a focus on superior customer service.
  • In some cases is family-owned, by second- and third-generation family members who consider employees and customers extended members of their family.
  • Has access to leading industry best practices through its association with NASA.

Strength and Reach

Our member companies represent some of the largest and oldest independently owned steel service centers in North America. NASA is your connection to the strength of 121 member companies and the reach of their combined 450+ locations. These businesses offer a wide range of steel materials including flat-rolled coil, plate, structurals, merchant bar, and tubular products. Many also offer specialty products such as aluminum, stainless steel, cold finished bar, grating, expanded metals, and pipe.

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