NASA Benchmarking
powered by CoMetrics

As a NASA Member-Owner, you have access to the powerful CoMetrics benchmarking platform. Join other NASA members who use these tools to make strategic, data-informed decisions. NASA Benchmarking allows you to compare your performance to benchmarks derived from your NASA peers. Your data remains private and secure, as company names are concealed to allow for anonymity and privacy.

Improve performance and operations through CoMetrics’ suite of reports that allow you to answer the following questions:

Am I a Top Performer?
• Get your CoScore to see how you stack up relative to your NASA peers.

As a group, are things getting better or worse? How are we trending?
• See how many members improved quarter over quarter.

Where am I doing better than my peers? What should we celebrate and reward?
• Identify metrics where you are outpacing your NASA peers.

Where am I doing worse than my peers? Where do we need to improve?
• Quantify how much more you are spending than your peers on a line-item-by line item basis: on a dollars per net ton and percent of sales basis.

Can I compare my performance to members that are “like me?”
• Yes! For example, if you primarily work with flat-rolled steel, you can compare to other members that have the same product concentration.

How is my performance trending over time? Which expenses are growing faster than tonnage growth or sales growth?
• Review all historical data warehoused on the CoMetrics platform.

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How NASA Benchmarking Works

On a quarterly basis, Trial Balance data and a short Tonnage survey are uploaded to CoMetric’s secure website. Your data is mapped to a custom Common Chart of Accounts and provides the following outputs:

The powerful CoScore or “leader board” provides a consolidated and easy-to-use view of company performance in the context of your NASA peers.

The Benchmarking tool allows each member to drill down and analyze their performance compared to benchmarks from the group (anonymously). This tool will highlight how well you are doing and where you can improve on a metric by metric basis. Members can view benchmarks generated by all participants as well as benchmarks derived from peer groups (e.g. <=$50M in sales, flat rolled only).

The Trends tool shows performance metrics over time. Members have the ability to view and monitor detailed financial trends over time.

Anonymity and Security

NASA Benchmarking is 100% anonymous and secure. You own your data. CoMetrics does not and cannot use or sell the data for any other purpose. NASA staff does not have access to member’s data. CoMetrics is transparent about their security policy and committed to maintaining industry-standard encryption, secure data center, high-quality firewalls, data isolation, and complex passwords.